L’atelier is a multidisciplinary creative studio active in the fields of design, architecture and real estate.

The founder, Pierre Escobar, has an architectural education from ISACF La Cambre, Brussels and the Academie Van Bouwkunst, Amsterdam and has worked in several internationally renowned offices such as 51N4E, HHF, MS-A and Arons & Gelauff. He has taught at the architecture faculty of the ULB, TU Delft and Laboratoire Basel, EPFL.

After cofounding DEVspace in 2013, Pierre opened l’atelier in 2017 in order to develop a more interdisciplinary practice, bridging the worlds of design production with the one of real estate investment while having a focus on the topic of urban housing. The practice develops new processes for creating spaces by avoiding the production of service and by leaning towards the creation of products.

latelier pierre escobar wall

Today, l’atelier is active in Brussels, Paris, and Athens and is located in the heart of the creative district of Brussels, in the Espace Béton.

Espace Beton

You want to know more about l’atelier? Listen to The work we do, an interview of Pierre Escobar by Victoria Stoyanova.


latelier pierre escobar interview